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List Description
KPCPT2015 Kaospilot Capetown outpost 2015 (censored, public)
KPCPT2015internal Kaospilot Capetown 2015 internal (censored, public)
KPCPT2015leaders Kaospilot Capetown 2015 leaders (censored, public)
kphive Kaospilot Hive (censureret, privat)
KPIStaff Kaospilot International Staff (censored, private)
kpnostaff Kaospilotene Norge Staff (censureret, privat)
kpnot1 Kaospilotene Norge Team 1 (censureret, semi-offentlig)
kpnot2 Kaospilotene Norge Team 2 (censureret, semi-offentlig)
kpslam Kaospilot student alumni (censored, semi-public)
KPStaff Kaospilot Staff (censored, private)
kpt1 Kaospiloterne Team 1 (delvist offentlig)
kpt10 Kaospiloterne Team 10 (delvist offentlig)
kpt11 Kaospiloterne Team 11 (delvist offentlig)
kpt12 Kaospilot Team 12 (censored, semi-public)
kpt13 Kaospilot Team 13 (censored, semi-public)
kpt14 Kaospilot Team 14 (censored, semi-public)
kpt15 Kaospilot Team 15 (censored, semi-public)
kpt15plus Kaospilot Team 15plus (censored, semi-public)
kpt16 Kaospilot Team 16 (censored, semi-public)
kpt17 Kaospilot Team 17 (censored, semi-public)
kpt18 Kaospilot Team 18 (censored, semi-public)
kpt19 Kaospilot Team 19 (censored, semi-public)
kpt2 Kaospiloterne Team 2 (delvist offentlig)
kpt20 Kaospilot Team 20 (censored, semi-public)
kpt21 Kaospilot Team 21 (censored, semi-public)
kpt22 Kaospilot Team 22 (censored, semi-public)
kpt23 Kaospilot Team 23 (censored, semi-public)
kpt24 Kaospilot Team 24 (censored, semi-public)
kpt25 Kaospilot Team 25 (censored, semi-public)
kpt26 Kaospilot Team 26 (censored, semi-public)
kpt27 Kaospilot Team 27 (censored, semi-public)
kpt3 Kaospiloterne Team 3 (delvist offentlig)
kpt4 Kaospiloterne Team 4 (delvist offentlig)
kpt5 Kaospiloterne Team 5 (delvist offentlig)
kpt6 Kaospiloterne Team 6 (delvist offentlig)
kpt7 Kaospiloterne Team 7 (delvist offentlig)
kpt8 Kaospiloterne Team 8 (delvist offentlig)
kpt9 Kaospiloterne Team 9 (delvist offentlig)
teknik Homebase teknisk drift og support (censureret, offentlig)

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